Tina Scopa

Tina Scopa is an artist recently based at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. She views plants and soil as subjects of art, but also as creative media.

She recently completed her degree course in Fine Art at DJCAD. Here are some photographs of her exhibit at the show.

Tina began working with the Living Field in 2017 through her workshop at Open Farm Sunday in June and wrote and article on Edaphic Plant Art (link below) for this website.

She has since been preparing exhibitions for An Tobar on Mull and for Dundee Art Society (images on this page) and has been interviewed by ArtPlantae who published an extended Q&A session about her work, including her links with the LF, on 24 July 2017 under the heading Plants that draw themselves.

Links below lead to more of her work on this web site, including new workshops in 2018. The Living Field looks forward to a productive collaboration.

An Tobar, Mull, March 2018

Tina’s latest exhibition was held at An Tobar, a cultural centre on Mull, sited in Victorian age school buildings and ‘open to artists, performers and audiences all year round’.  The exhibition ran for nearly a month in March 2018. Below are Tina’s photographs of the exhibition space.

The exhibition was brought to wider attention by ArtPlantae, in a post which asked the question: Can contemporary art reconnect society to the natural world?

Some of her long, printed scrolls are visible, as are a selection of framed plant prints. But also shown in the An Tobar panel (lower left) is the shape of a plant transferred to a block of hard material, the result almost fossil-like.

The Living Field appreciates the way Tina  takes some very common plants – most would call them weeds – and creates a lasting impression of their individual structure and colour. Plants as individuals, not just things to be sprayed.

Roseangle Gallery Dundee 2017

Tina exhibited at Roseangle Gallery in Dundee, and we continue these pages with some images from her exhibition which ran between 14 and 20 August 2017 and was titled Plant Prints and Earth Paintings.

From an exhibition by Tina Scope at Roseangle Gallery Dundee 2017



Web site: http://tinascopa.wixsite.com/website

Her page on art.earth gives a link to her dissertation in which she discusses her influences. Erudite and valuable beyond the art world.

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