Global Field

Here we expand the interests of the project by profiling living fields across the world. Articles will be wide ranging yet all will touch on the sustainable use of natural resources and the need of people to get something useful from the field or landscape while keeping it healthy.

Inle Burma (Myanmar)

We begin with Inle in Burma, a large inland lake system that has expanded high-input growing of vegetables. Can the old survive intensification:  Inle.

Wild plants of the Acropolis

To Greece and the Ancient Acropolis: a wondrous spread of wild herbs and shrubs flowering early in spring before the heat of summer: Wild plants of the Acropolis.

Mekong on Tay

The Paddy fields of Dundee (or rather) a photographic quirk that superposed rice, maize, bananas and palms onto  the decayed and broken but now renewed buildings around the old Dundee shipyard. In the days of slide film: one series of exposures on the old warehouses by the docks at Dundee just inland from the Tay estuary: second series (forget to rewind the film and take it out for developing) on the Mekong near the Golden triangle. Some interesting effects: Mekong on Tay.