DIARY21 January to March


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24 Reports on action for emissions reduction and biodiversity restoration in Scotland by five Sector-led climate groups (arable, dairy, etc.) – summary and links to reports at the Scottish Government web site. [Ed: the Living Field will be summarising the recommendations of the reports later in the year.]

16 Global air pollution. UNEP and Swiss company IQAir show severity and extent of air pollution across the world: 2020 World Air Quality Report – region and city PM2.5 ranking. See also: 100 most polluted cities (mainly in China and India); and previously UNEP/IQAir Launch of global platform for air quality monitoring 10 Feb 2020. PM2.5 means particles up to 2.5 micro-meters in diameter. (Ed: many of the most polluted cites show an annual trend that rises during periods of agricultural stubble burn in the surrounding countryside.)

7 Sarawak logging – strong community action : government alerted over encroachment by logging company into conservation area. See Save Rivers 9 March and Baram Peace Park 7 March. Later: 31 May.


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8 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS): Brazilian scientist, Ricardo Galvão given AAAS 2021 Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award for defence of Amazon deforestation data (lost his job).