Urban Field

In and around cities, there are sometimes fields that people grow things in to eat, or for other purposes, or have special importance historically, or mean something to the culture of the place.

These urban fields still need their ‘factory’ of soil microbes, food webs and energy cycles. They still have to get their water and nutrients, and like agricultural fields, they have to cope with pollutants. Yet urban fields, if they are to last, should be based on sound ecological design, the parts in balance, not only within the cities but between the cities and the countryside.

The Living Field begins this occasional series on Urban Fields with the Acropolis and surrounding area in Athens, now distinguished among ancient sites by the wild plants that form a setting for the monuments, and with the Paddy fields of Dundee (or rather) a photographic quirk that superposed rice, maize, bananas and palms onto slide film of the decayed and broken but now renewed buildings around the old shipyard.


sustainable croplands