An account of climatic trends and events in 2021 and, to give context, some historical trends, cataclysms and unusual events in topics of land and natural resources, agriculture, food, art and craft.

This is a forwards and backwards diary, beginning 1 June 2021.


4 Sri Lanka Shipwreck. The X-Press Pearl, on fire since 20 May, has sunk. The ship has  continued to spill masses of waste to the seabed and shore and may now lose its store of oil. The devastation will continue. Updates at: 1) Disasters Charter, 4 June, Oil spill in Sri Lanka. 2) NASA Earth Observatory, 1 June. Satellite observes ship fire off Sri Lanka

1 Rock On! Prehistoric rock art: announcement of first animal carvings in Scotland discovered at Kilmartin Glen, thought to be 4000 to 5000 years old (Neolithic or early Bronze). Report at the BBC web site Extremely rare prehistoric animal carvings …. Click for more on Scotland’s Rock Art Project.


28 Erosion releases waste from old landfill site: 50-year-old waste exposed on banks of the River Ericht, west of Blairgowrie. Report and video at The Courier and Advertiser (cookies galore!). Ed: old waste never dies, where ‘never’ is a very long time.

26 First Golden Eagles breeding in Orkney for 40 years: news from the RSPB after nesting confirmed in Hoy; one of the 508 breeding pairs in Scotland. More from the Hoy Heritage Centre at the Changing Fortunes of Eagles in Hoy

24 Florida manatee starving due to algal blooms (chain of causation: pollution, algal bloom, seagrass reduced, herbivore starving). Check the Calusa Waterkeeper Facebook pages and search for several articles in UK newpapers. More on agrochemicals in the manatee at the Centre for Biological Diversity’s March 2021 article Glyphosate found in more than half of all sampled Florida Manatees.

20 Sri Lanka: ship on fire \ pollution. The Marine Environment Protection Authority of Sri Lanka was informed of a fire on the container ship X-PressPearl. Since then, chemicals, plastic and other waste has polluted the seabed and sea shore. From the MEPA web site: Media update on the MV X-Press Pearl

And back to late 2020

Warm decade The UK Met Office web site summarises recent UK and global trends and concludes 2020 ends earth’s warmest 10 years on record (strong increasing trends shown graphically).

Atmospheric carbon dioxide continues rising: the World Met Organisation Carbon dioxide at record levels and from NASA Graphic: the relentless rise of carbon dioxide and from the United Nations UN scientists see largest CO2 increase in 30 years

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